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400-600 Word APA Format 7th EditionThe Key Assignment for this course is a compilation of your revised Primary Discussion Board responses and revised Individual Projects from Units 1, 2, 3, and 4. The final product will serve as a guide as you launch or continue your concentration-related professional activities after graduation. As such, this Key Assignment should be thoughtfully undertaken and should contain the elements included in the template provided.Clickhereto download the template for your Key Assignment. You will be adding to this throughout the course.Each section of the Key Assignment should be presented in narrative form (complete paragraphs, complete sentences, citations where appropriate, minimal use of bulleted lists). Because you will have revised your previous work from the course and included it in this document, your OV score should not exceed 80%.There are two parts to this week’s assignment:Part 1Go to the literature and texts on your concentration. Find at least 3 definitions of your concentration that resonate with you. It is fine if the definitions you select are among the foundational definitions.Present the definitions you found, and provide a citation for each.Discuss your rationale for why these definitions appeal to you and how they represent your outlook on your concentration.Part 2Based on your exploration, present your own operational definition of your concentration.

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