10-K Project

Financial Statements Analyses (please show the common size B/S and I/S):

a. Refer to the income statement from the annual report. What is the trend in

revenue over the three years reported? Are sales growing or declining

versus prior years?

Prepare a brief chart or table showing the revenue

trends using the information on the income statement

b. Have receivables increased or decreased? Calculate the AR turnover and

Days in AR. Does the collection period seem reasonable for a company of

this type?

c. Calculate the inventory turnover and days in inventory ratios. Does it

seem reasonable for this company? Explain why or why not.

d. Analyze your company’s liability section of the comparative balance

sheets. Has the composition of current and long-term liabilities changed

significantly over the period?

use data from https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/789019/000… plz

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