300 Words – HOw to Select what to measure

How to Select What to Measure

This week you reviewed how to decide on the measurement scorecard that comes with implementing processes of global coordination. There are at least two cross-border performance measurement systems to consider—global scorecards that reinforce a global mindset and joint performance that encourages all organizations to be concentrating on the same goals.

Performance appraisals and rewards differ on a global scale. For instance, the standards used to evaluate performance may differ based on cultural values. The same could be said for the rewards that an individual or team finds meaningful. In addition, the entity with the authority to assess performance and provide rewards (e.g., peer, manager, HR, etc.) can differ based on culture. How does a company decide what rewards or incentives should be used and who should conduct the performance evaluation in a global organization?

For example:

Team incentives based on team performance

    • At corporate level (gain-sharing and profit-sharing plans)
    • At department level (gain-sharing and profit-sharing plans)

    Team rewards based on performance

      • Middle or upper management (e.g., spot rewards such as movie tickets, gift cards, etc.)
      • Team allocates the incentive to team members based on the team member’s role

      Individual performance-based incentives or rewards

        • Quantity of work being produced by the employee
        • Quality of the work by the employee
        • Work safety records
        • Work attendance

        Provide a rationale your decisions. Your responses should be a minimum of 300 words.

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