321.Follow the instruction to answer 300words discussion questuons

Follow the instruction to answer 300words discussion questuons

Respond to all four of the following question-sets. (For this module, respond to each question within the question-sets. 250 word minimum for original response.)

A) Discuss the “Interview with Azizah al-Hibri.” What does Professor al-Hibri say about the process of Americanization? about the relationship between religion and politics? about terrorism? about some of the ways in which America and American foreign policy are perceived in some Muslim countries? Discuss.

B) Summarize and discuss “Growing up Muslim in America” and “American Muslims.”

C) Drawing upon the assigned reading, discuss a few of the ways in which religion and politics have interacted during the past several decades in America.

D) The final section of the textbook discusses the wide array of religious options available to Americans, and the “Religion Survey” broadcast analyzes the statistics on mobility in and out of religious groups. How does this contemporary situation fit with what we’ve seen of the history of religion in America—is it a radical change? a continuation of a pattern? or what? Discuss.

All the work must be original

Turnitin report is required

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