4-2 Discussion: ZOPA and BATNA for Alice Jones

In this assignment, put yourself in the shoes of Alice Jones, the executive facing possible severance in our case study.Develop a ZOPA and BATNA position for Alice, based on your review of her biography and the background information in the case study (located in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course). As you develop your response, consider the following:If Alice were fired, what would be unacceptable options for her in a severance agreement?What options could Alice offer that could move severance negotiations toward her goal of keeping her position at Netflix?Then, determine Alice Jones’ best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA), i.e., her “Plan B.” It is important to do this before entering into negotiations to ensure that she does not agree to unfavorable conditions. Questions that can help formulate Alice Jones’ BATNA include:What do you believe are the interests of the other party, i.e., Sharon Slade and Netflix?What actions and alternatives are you prepared to consider if you (Alice Jones) cannot reach a negotiated agreement within your Zone of Possible Agreement?What creative alternatives can be considered based on the interests of the other party (Sharon Slade & Netflix)?What trade-offs on the standard ZOPA exist that could result in a creative, successful agreement?

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