5-6 page paper about Adapting to an Unfamiliar Culture

Please use headings and subheadings to organize your paper.

In this paper, you will research the adaptation theory as it applies to intercultural communication.

Your paper should be 5-6 pages in length.

  1. Critically read the article “Adapting to an Unfamiliar Culture” by Y. Y. Kim.
  2. Use the concepts discussed in chapters 1-11 of the textbook and information from other course materials to analyze the adaptation theory and to write your paper.
  3. Give your paper a title.
  4. Summarize the content of the article and explain the adaptation theory. Demonstrate that you understand the concept of adaptation and the concept of intercultural communication competence. You might answer the following:
  • What is adaptation?
  • What affects adaptation?
  • Is adaptation better described as a problem or as a process?
  • What is cultural shock and how is it related to adaptation?
  • What are common reactions to cultural dislocation a.k.a. culture shock viewed as a problem?
  • What are the common phases of cultural adaptation a.k.a. culture shock viewed as a transitional process?
  1. Describe different approaches in the adaptation study based on
  • Assimilation and acculturation
  • Long-term versus short term and
  • Problem and learning/growing perspectives.
  1. Provide your reaction to the article and the adaptation theory –
  • How could Kim’s theory be used for intercultural trainers, immigrants, or sojourners in a foreign land in relation to culture shock and intercultural communication competence? (Be sure to define culture shock and intercultural communication competence.)
  1. Make connections between the content of the article and the theoretical content of the course.
  2. Give at least seven citations throughout the paper –
  • Apply and cite the textbook.(Communication between cultures)
  • Apply and cite “Adapting to an Unfamiliar Culture”
  • Apply and cite from at least two of the other sources from the course.
    • “Intercultural Communication after World War II”
    • “We’re from America”
    • “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down”

Give page numbers when citing or referencing a source.

  1. Write a summary/concluding remarks.
  2. Include a works cited page following MLA, APA, or Chicago Manual Style format. List all references including your textbook. Outside research sources are optional.

I have attached all readings and the textbook.

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