5 Psychology Questions In Exam

Note: It is recommended that you save your response as you complete each question.

1.After meeting Devon at a party, your first impression is of a pretty regular guy. But after a while you realize he thinks the CIA is spying on him and he doesn’t always quite make sense.

2.After a long period of being down in the dumps, April is now full of energy. She stayed up 3 nights in a row spring cleaning the house, and has been bringing home men she just met to sleep with. She recently maxed out her credit card buying supplies for a new art class, and quit her job to focus on painting full time although she just started painting a few weeks ago. She was feeling on top of the world but is now starting to feel irritable and anxious as well.

3.Demetrius has been having unexplained pain in his abdomen, but because he has an irrational fear of small places, he can’t have an MRI to diagnose the problem.

4.Krista’s friends have noticed a big change in her recently. She never goes to parties like she used to, she quit the debate team she had been captain of because it just wasn’t fun and was too hard, her grades are slipping, and she seems to have lost all hope that life can get better. She has even mentioned several times that everyone would be better if she wasn’t around.

5.Angie worries constantly about being sick. She washes her hands several times each hour even though they are raw and red from the rough treatment.

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