6 Key Elements of Regional Ocean Planning

General Instructions:

There is only one (1) question for this Block.

You will find in Documents one tilted Mid Atlantic Ocean Planning. The question below is designed for you to key off its information. However the other two documents Ocean Zoning 1 and 2 as well as the will be of use.

This test requires you to really think about the question asked and prepare a careful response so take your time.

Question: Within the Document Mid Atlantic Ocean Planning you will find at the end of the introduction 6 elements which are critical to ocean planning. Pick 2 of the 6 and explain with references to either this Documents or others why these two are in your view the dominant issues in ocean planning.

6 Key Elements of Regional Ocean Planning

  • Identify shared regional objectives to focus decision-making.
  • Develop a suite of products, including a regional ocean assessment of ocean-related human uses, natural resources, and economic and cultural factors to provide a comprehensive context for decision-making.
  • Engage stakeholders and scientific/technical experts to ensure managers have the best available information for decision making about ocean uses and conservation.
  • Produce, coordinate, and analyze data across jurisdictions and agencies to provide better understanding of the potential effects of decisions.
  • Develop and implement coordinated management actions across jurisdictions using existing ocean management efforts and authorities.
  • Help federal and state agencies and tribes address inconsistencies across policies and other potential areas of conflict.
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