8-3 Discussion: Final Project

Describe for your classmates an area of your final project that you are finding particularly challenging. Why is it giving you difficulty? When responding to your classmates, offer suggestions for how they can overcome the obstacle they are facing.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document (attached).

One of the main problems I am having is a proper if/ then statement for my hypothesis and being able to not bring in too many variables when stating it. Please reword this and use that problem for the discussion.



An area of my project that I am having a bit of difficulty with is determining how I will take the raw data and use it to measure my results and with up the data analysis portion to my project. I struggle with the statistics portion of this course so working on this portion of my paper is particularly tricky.

I am sure that one I have entered the data into ssps and followed the procedures I will have a much better idea of how all of this will look but at this point I am struggling. When writing up the data analysis part of my project, I will focus on trends in the data, any possible outliers, and p-value. I am hoping focusing on these will allow me to have a through data analysis.

Rosnow, R. L., & Rosenthal, R. (2014). Beginning behavioral research: A conceptual primer. Brantford, Ontario: W. Ross MacDonald School Resource Services Library.


I think the area of this project that is giving me the most difficulty is how I will structure and implement the measures that I have chosen for the study. I will be using the NEO Five Factor Scale and another one entitled the Musical Preference Measure. Most likely the personality measure will be given first. The other difficulty is how the analysis will be done in the future. Whether it will be a correlational analysis or whether a causal relationship will try to be found.

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