A individual report of analyze the problem during my teammates and give some guidelines

Question description

Management individual term paper (must be original, professor requires to upload in Turnitin.com. the similarity have to be lower than 25%)

Format: Title page, contents, summary, introduction, main report, conclusion, references (APA style).

The term paper entails first, a detailed self-analysis of your interaction with your teams and second, a critical evaluation or your team using the important and practical guidelines and major steps associated with organizational behavior concepts as an evaluative yardstick. In both instances (self-analysis and team assessments), an important part of this paper is for students to provide several specific recommendations for self and team improvement. Specifically, write a term paper detailing the following:

1. With specific reference to Chapter11 and material on leadership, use the self-assessment questionnaire (see self-assessment 11.1 on page 226) to FRANKLY assess yourself. Provide 4 specific actions that you will undertake to improve upon your leadership competency skills.

2. With specific reference to Chapter 8 and material on communication, describe the nature of the communication process in your team as you work on the team report. Identify and describe 4 specific ways that the communication processes in your team can be improved.

3. with specific reference to Chapter 13 and materials on conflict describe a particular situation that resulted in conflict or tensions or anxieties in your team. Describe how this was handled. Describe 4 specific ways that conflict resolution process in your team can be improved.

4.With specific reference Chapter 15 and Figure15-1 on page 327 (Sampling of organizational cultures of well-known companies, describe the nature of your team culture. Describe 4 specific change strategies that you will recommend to “substantially improve” the culture of you team.

5. With reference the Chapter 17, Identify 4 important differences and 4 important similarities between you and your team members. Highlight 4 competitive advantages and 4 potential problems associated with diversity.

6. Identify one country in each of the following regions of the world: The Americas and Africa. The selected country should NOT be your country of origin. Carefully read Chapter 17 of the text. Look up Hofstede’s actual data on the two countries with respect to Individualism/collectivism and Power distance. (Google geerthofstede.com. click on “Hofstede Center” and click the country comparison link) Create a simple table using the data you gather. Explain what you find with respect to these two dimensions and highlight its managerial implications for managing in an increasingly global world.

It is also very advisable that you start early in order to avoid rushing. Though no limit is placed on the number of pages, quality should not be sacrificed for quantity. An excellent and carefully crafted paper is expected from each student. At least six scholarly sources (books or articles) and other than the assigned readings should be referenced.

My team have 3 people. I am from China, this is my second semester of MBA. I don’t have any work experience. I have been in USA 4 years. I have some problems of language. Sometimes I don’t understand what they talk about in class meeting. But we are good in most of time. It’s better for me to communicate through typing and text. We did our team report, communicated only on Canvas by using the “team discussion”. We upload our separate tasks, and provide opinions or questions. We have the email and phone number of each other, but rarely using it.

One of my teammate is Samista Manandhar, she is a really kind and helpful woman. Even she is from Nepal, she has no problem of speaking English. She has married. She is a good student, and always think of things roundly. She helps me a lot on our team paper. She replies me quickly in email when I met some problems. Here is her introduction:

Background: Born in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Attended college at Tribhuvan University and received Master’s Degree in Conflict, Peace and Development Studies in 2014. Also, have received Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the same university in Kathmandu, Nepal. In addition to school, recently working in Bay Area Health Clinic in billing department.

Country of Origin: Nepal

Experience: Have over 8 years’ experience working with Nepal Red Cross in different roles. I started as a youth volunteer and was selected as National Youth Delegate to Norwegian Red Cross for year 2011 and 2012. I have worked in disaster management and Water sanitation departments of Nepal Red Cross Society. I have been trained as Regional Disaster Response Team Member and have been deployed as a Team Leader to respond during Nepal Earthquake 2016. I have experience of working with people with different ethnicity, nationality and culture. Working with Red Cross has developed tolerance, respect and leadership qualities in me. Being able to help vulnerable people makes me happy and satisfied.I plan to major in Management.

Another guy is David Bell. He is American. He also treats me nicely. And he will ask me about my part of task. He is a little worried about if I would do my part in time, since he has a bad memory of a foreign partner before. He told me that guy did nothing of their team report, he had to finish all of the stuffs by himself. Maybe I gave him the first impression was not perfect, because of my bad English. But I tell him I won’t be the leg, and I did my part. I think he will know that I am not a lazy guy. He hasn’t give me his introduction yet. I will upload it once I got it.

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