Accessing Non Renewable Resources and Pledge to Eliminate Poverty Questions

Accessing Non-Renewable Resources

Countries that claim the most access to the planet’s resources continue to grow in population and economy at an increasing pace. This growth places a strain on the availability of non-renewable resources.

  • What responsibility do these countries have in ensuring the rest of the world has fair access to these resources?
  • What are some consequences for not taking any action?

The Pledge to Eliminate Poverty

One of the intended outcomes of the Millennium Development Goals was to “eradicate extreme poverty and hunger” in the world. How successful has the achievement of this outcome been to its mission to “meet the needs of the world’s poorest”?


  1. United Nations. 2019. We Can End Poverty.

Feeding the World

Watch video:

This week you learned that there is, in fact, enough food available to feed everyone in entire world every day. However, this is not happening for various reasons. Look at the community you live in.

  • If food became inaccessible to your community, how would that affect your day-to-day life and that of your community? I live in an upper middle class to well off neighborhoods Loudoun County VA for reference.
  • In your opinion what can be done to prevent world hunger
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