Accounting case study. I need a CPA professional/Accounting Professional to write a 10 page assignment on deliverable. Please read through before you bid



You should read through before you bid. i only need someone who is a professional in accounting. I need top quality work no plagiarism no grammar typos. Make sure you follow the instructions below and read through keenly and carefully. Before you start ensure you read the 45 page case study.


Accounting Case study

sample case responses and appendix of past cases

Also once i assign the paper i will attach sample of the various Deliverable reports submitted in the past. You don’t have to copy the exact format but this is just to guide you.

I met my group Yesterday. I will send you an outline of the various strategic issues we highlighted in the case and our plan of action of how to address them and what to include in the 3 reports. I will also let you know the pasts that my group will tell me to work on


I will need help regards to the following deliverables for an Accounting Case Study given to us by our professor. The case is 45 pages long and i have to work as part of a group of 5 to solve it. i have attached the case study below

Our job is to work together as consultants or internal advisor to resolve issues and to provide recommendations to a panel of CPA’s acting as Board of Directors or Senior Managers. The case has been designed to allow for many different recommendations and this will result in a situation where there isn’t necessarily a single correct response but you should be able to support your assumptions and provide a logical basis for your approach.

As a group we have 3 different deliverables on this Accounting Case Study over the next 2 months period. After we submit our deliverables, our teacher will review our work and then provide us feedback, she can tell us that the work we did was sufficient and therefore will allow us to move on to the next deliverable while giving her tips, feedback. She may also tell us that the work we submitted was not sufficient and therefore we need to incorporate her feedback and resubmit the deliverable again one more time.

Deliverable 1 (due on May 25th, 2019)

The team is asked to:

-Provide a situational assessment including appropriate internal, external, financial analysis to identify major issues and alternatives

-Demonstrate Due Care and Objectivity

-Display strong communication that addresses the audience needs

The maximum number of words allowed for deliverable 1 is 1500 words excluding appendixes/exhibits. The total number of pages (word and excel combined) permitted will be 10 pages. All submissions will be checked for word count/page limits by the teacher using the print preview function. Print options will be set according to the paper size, margins, scaling, and other specifications. Any content exceeding the maximums will not be marked. If Excel is used to prepare appendixes/exhibits, do not copy the excel content into the Word document. Excel exhibits comprising 50% or more of non-quantitative text must be in 12 point Arial font.

Document and Page Layout rules:

-Letter paper size: 8.5” x 11”

-Margins: 2.54 cm/1”


Word: 12 point Arial Font

Excel: 10 point Arial Font

-100% scaling

-All pages should be sequentially numbered

-Financial data may be rounded to the nearest thousand or million if labelled and if rounding does not mislead the reader


To support your Quantitative or Qualitative information in your report, feel free to use

-Charts or Graphs

-Tables of Data


-Summary of information acquired through Research

Audit Trail

An audit trail with clear referencing must be provided in both Word and Excel, including labeling of amounts, source of data, and calculation details (unless calculations are clearly evident when a hard copy is printed).

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