Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography with 10 scholarly, peer-reviewed, and published from 2013 to current date articles. For EACH article please include:

· APA reference citation in the correct 6th edition format

· Explain what the study examined

· Explain how the study was carried out

· Explain what the key findings from the study were

· Reflect on the resource and explain how it might be useful to use.

Do not just copy and paste from the abstract. There needs to be true understanding of the article and it should be reflected in the annotated bibliography.

The focus for the articles is that of serial killers.

Look at recent articles about serial killers / sociopaths that have “meta-analysis” or “review” and/or “structural equation modeling” or “effect size” in the title preferably published within the last 5 years. What I’d like you to investigate is the extent to which past studies have identified the variables that are most influential in serial killing behaviors and, perhaps, what magnitude they have identified for each variable. For example, they could say that childhood trauma has been shown to be responsible for 15% of sociopathic behaviors, whereas biological components account for 22% (I made those numbers up).

In terms of scope, you will want to hone in on a specific piece of what is not yet known. Articles, like the ones you should find, will point you (discussion section) to what is not yet known.

This will be due by Sunday, January 7, 2018 by 2:00PM EST

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