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The reply post should be a minimum of 2 paragraphs. Each paragraph should be supported with evidenced based peer reviewed journals.

Support answers with two cited peer reviewed journals no older than 5 years.

Peer: Sany:

Nurse practitioners play an important role in patient education. Having advanced practice nurses on staff has documented positive effects on patients and staffing. Advanced practice nurses can help avoid cursory patient-doctor interactions that could result in confusion and adverse drug reactions.

Healthcare facilities are often overstaffed, and this can cause nurses or doctors to rush from patient to patient, which can result in patients not fully understanding medication directions. Having more highly educated nurses at a hospital or healthcare facility means that the staff can devote more time to patients across the board, so all staff can spend more time with patients explaining medication and what adverse side effects are possible. A qualitative study of interpersonal roles among healthcare workers and nurse practitioners revealed that the most significant effect other staff members perceive when a nurse practitioner joins their team is that their workload is eased and this allows them the opportunity to provide better quality care (Hurlock-Chorostecki, Forchuk, Orchard, Reeves, &Van Soeren, 2013).

In a qualitative study of nurse practitioner’s attitudes toward their roles, many participants expressed a desire to fill gaps in existing programs and stressed the importance of coming up with creative solutions to fill these gaps. The majority of participants also

stressed the importance of direct patient care. The results indicate that advanced practice nurses want to be involved at the staff level and want to use their knowledge to make their interactions with patients more meaningful, improving overall care (Hurlock-

Chorostecki et al., 2014). Direct patient interaction with staff member who are focused on quality outcomes and willing to spend more time with patients one-on-one could result in better understanding of medication instructions and adverse effects which could in turn

reduce instances of adverse reactions

Hurlock-Chorostecki, C., Forchuk, C., Orchard, C., Reeves, S., and Van Soeren, M. (2013). The value of the hospital-based nurse practitioner role: development of a team perspective framework. Journal of Interpersonal Care, 27 (6), 501-508. doi: 10.3109/13561820.2013.796915

Hurlock-Chorostecki, C., Forchuk, C., Orchard, C., Van Soeren, M., and Reeves, S. (2014). Labour saver or building a cohesive interprofessional team? The role of the nurse practitioner within hospitals. Journal of Interpersonal Care, 28 (3), 260-266. doi: 10.3109/13561820.2013.867838

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