Apology Dolce & Gabbana Ad Creative Brief Paper

Case Topic “Dolce & Gabbana Ad (With Chopsticks) Provokes Public Outrage in China”

3-4 Pages

Adv paper: Creative Brief for an Apology Assignment

  • Instructions

1.Identify an injustice, and who is responsible and should apologize publicly for it. (real not fictional)

2.Research and substantiate facts related to the case.

3.Develop a strategy for an apology to be delivered via the media.

4.Create the content of the apology, and explain the strategy in a creative brief.

5.Upload completed brief template to NYU Classes.

  • TEMPLATE – Use this format in an MS Word document (you can add design elements to the format if you choose):

PR Creative Brief: Template

1.Situation Analysis – explain & substantiate with supporting info.

2.Define the objectives.

3.List the tactics/media channels to be used.

4.Define the target audience

5.What is the key message?

–who, what, where, when, why.

6.How will you measure success?

  • Criteria for Evaluation:

Thoroughness – addressed all aspects of the assignment thoughtfully and completely. Substantiated facts provided for reliable sources.

Appropriateness of proposed strategy and actual apology: Meets ethical, and duty of care standards; addresses issue; professionalism; reflection of understanding best practices and concepts discussed in class.

Writing Quality – meets expected standards for professional writing – exemplary grammar, usage, formatting.

  • Apology Assignment Clarification: Make sure that you develop a strategy for your selected client apologizing, but you also have to write the apology and submit with the creative brief. Think about the purpose of the exercise – what you would do if you worked for a public relations agency.Your client has a reputation crisis management problem they are hiring you to resolve. You determine they need to apologize publicly, so you strategize the message, the delivery, and write the actual copy for the apology.The client will review it and make changes (or try to – you won’t let him/her make the situation worse), but what you submit to the creative team to execute the apology (the Creative Brief) includes the apology itself.
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