Arab Uprisings Modern Middle East Paper

As always I need an answer to the question FROM THE READINGS and a reply.

1. Write an initial post (maximum 100 words) that makes a concise observation or point on the basis of one or more of the readings.

How did the Arab Uprisings differ in Bahrain (in comparison to countries such as Egypt and Tunisia)? Why does Matthiesen describe the uprisings in Bahrain as the Arab Spring That Wasn’t? Is sectarian conflict inherent to all religions or does it only emerge in specific circumstances? What role has Saudi Arabia played in the Arab Uprisings?

2. Respond to another colleague’s post. Do not simply state that you agree or like the post–it must be a substantive comment (maximum 75 words)

colleague’s post:

The protesters in Bahrain according to Matthiesen were mostly Shia muslims of various political backgrounds, some belonging to the Shirazi group and Al- Wifaq group and many more. They were also joined by a few groups of liberal Sunny muslims. However, the protestors in Egypt for example were constituted of people from many religious, age and political backgrounds. Therefore, the demands differed, even though both uprisings were initiated by youths and aimed to overthrow the governing powers. Matthiesen describes the Bahrain uprisings as the Arab Spring that wasn’t because the protests were cracked down by the Bahrainy military (in addition to Saudi military support) to protect the power of the ruling family, who had a geoeconomical and political alliance with Saudi. The Al-Saud family have always considered the Shia population as a threat due to their Iranian loyalty, which made them nervous because of the Saudi-Iranian tension. Hence, it was called a sectarian conflict because the government was strengthening the Sunni population against the Shia one.


Toby Matthiesen, Sectarian Gulf, Chs. 1-3

Toby Matthiesen, Sectarian Gulf, Chs. 4-7

I’m sorry I do not have the book.

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