Aspen University Principles of Classroom Management Essay


Write a 2000-2250 word essay that addresses the points below. Be sure to explain each of these in ample detail and include multiple examples. Make sure to reference three (3) citations using the APA writing style for each article. Clearly mark the headings in your paper so the professor knows exactly which topics you are discussing. Include a cover page and a reference page, which do not count towards the minimal word amount.

Essay Questions:

  1. Predict what kind of student problem may result if the teacher does not meet each of the seven teaching prerequisite behaviors.
  2. Use each of the verbal intervention techniques presented in this module to help redirect the student to appropriate behavior in the following situations.
    • Student refuses to wash his hands.
    • Student “cuts” in front of the line.
    • Student throws food at others.
    • Student lies about kicking another child.
  3. Develop logical consequences for each of the following misbehaviors:
    • Student interrupts while teacher is making announcements to the class.
    • Student steals a toy from another student’s backpack.
    • Student makes fun of a new student and gets others to laugh with him.
    • Student throws a pencil at another student.
    • Student runs out the gate and near the street.
    • Student physically bullies other students.
    • Graffiti is found on the restroom wall.
  4. Write a scenario where a student is refusing to cooperate, demands your attention, and disrupts the class so much that it is almost impossible to continue teaching. Role-play in your own words the assertive delivery of “you have a choice.”
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