Assignment 1: Discussion Questions

Assignment 1: Discussion Questions

Complete one of the following discussion questions which are based on concepts and principles from the assigned readings for this module.

Submit your responses to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned. Through the end of the module, comment on the responses of others.

Participate in the discussion by asking a question, providing a statement of clarification, providing a point of view with a rationale, challenging an aspect of the discussion, or indicating a relationship between one or more lines of reasoning in the discussion.

Discussion Question Option 1

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

How might an athlete overcompensate for or hide the presence of chronic fatigue syndrome? How could you best assess and intervene if you were the consulting sport psychologist?

Evaluation Criteria for Discussion Question Response:

Identified at least three ways that athletes cover up problems with chronic fatigue. [16 points]
Explained what is needed to assess and intervene with an athlete trying to hide this problem. [16 points]

Discussion Question Option 2

Stress and Coping Style

The impact of stress on a person’s psychological and physical functioning can be pronounced.

How do you think stress would manifest across various body systems? What are some essential components of a plan for monitoring your client’s coping ability, including your methods for differentiating between positive coping and self-destructive coping mechanisms?

Evaluation Criteria for Discussion Question Response:

Identified and explained the physical symptoms of stress across various body parts. [16 points]
Accurately identified assessment of athletes’ coping mechanisms. [16 points]

Discussion Question Option 3

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

How does an intense focus on body image, weight, and/or controlling food intake among athletes in certain sports impact males and females differently and relate to the prevalence rates of body dysmorphic disorder symptoms?

Evaluation Criteria for Discussion Question Response:

Identified problems such as anorexia, bulimia, and body dysmorphic disorder. [16 points]
Explained how this impacts male and female athletes differently. [16 points]

Discussion Question Option 4

Gender Identity

Consider the definitions of masculinity and femininity. What are your opinions concerning the gender stereotypes found among athletes? Are athletes with stereotypically masculine or feminine identities more or less psychologically healthy than those athletes who are more androgynous?

Evaluation Criteria for Discussion Question Response:

Made a comparative analysis of the psychological health among athletes with stereotypically masculine or feminine identities and athletes who are more androgynous.

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