ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSSituational Analysis: External Environment AnalysisPick a health care organization in your community (it can be a hospital, long-term care facility, surgical center, imaging center, and so on)Answer the questions using your selected health care organization. Specifically:Task 1: Identify the external factors that will affect the organization;Task 2: Identify the key stakeholders; andTask 1What external issues will influence the success or failure of the organization? What is the rational/evidence for that external issue?*Technical*Social/Cultural*Political/Regulatory*Economic*CompetitiveTask 2Who are the organization’s key stakeholders and what is their relationship to the organization?*Internal Stakeholders*External Stakeholders*Interface StakeholdersThis is a group assignment. We split the parts from each tasks between each individual group member.  However, the part I chose to write about is the (Technical) part in task 1. That’s the ONLY part you have to complete.The health care organization we chose to write about is Baptist Health South Florida.The professor didn’t go into details about the length requirement for each part, so I’m guessing about a paragraph or two. As long as enough information is covered.APA reference1 reference

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