Being Mortal- Atul Gawande Book Report (2000 WORDS!!)


  1. The first paragraph should have- the      title of the book capitalized, the author, the publisher and date of      publication – somewhere in it.
  2. When using words directly from the      book even if is just a few words such as “ a myriad of specialists” (p.71)[ in the book Final Exam] use the      quotes.
  3. The book your are reading is a NON- FICTION BOOK NOT NOVEL so do not      say “ this novel…”; and the title of book gets underlined throughout the      paper..
  4. When you are paraphrasing a chapter or      parts of the chapter, always identify it – such as- In chapter 1,      “Resurrectionist”, Chen brings out the point that …-then at the end of      that paraphrasing you should put the pages you have summed up (pp.1-34).
  5. If words seem like common words to you      but the author has them in italics, you should as well; if they are      particular words that the author uses to stress a point, even if they are      common words, put them in quotes – ex. Pinter says that “industrial      mechanics for tweets” (p.45) are more common now than twenty years ago.
  6. When using direct quotes, always make      sure to have the page numbers following the quote.
  7. Make sure you let the reader know      whose ideas you are using. If it is the author’s from the book, cite the      pages ( as stated before); if more than 3 words from the text are used in      a row, put them in quotes and cite the pages;even when you are disagreeing      with the author and use specific paraphrased points from the book, cite      the pages.
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