BUS318 week 2 Quiz DUE NOW

Question 11 ptsUse of Maslow’s needs hierarchy ____________________.is not commonly used outside of the United States.is more effective in non-United States cultures.can vary across cultures.should be consistent across different cultures.is not pertinent for cultures outside of the United States.Flag this QuestionQuestion 21 ptsWhich of the following needs did Maslow describe as lower-order needs?safety and self-actualization.esteem and physiological.physiological, safety, and social.esteem, social, and safety.social, esteem, and self-actualization.Flag this QuestionQuestion 31 ptsWhich of the following is NOT true of job rotation?workers are shifted among jobs with different task assignments.there is a significant change in the content of each job.job rotation can be done according to almost any time schedule.job rotation can increase flexibility for people’s movement from job to job.job rotation can facilitate training.Flag this QuestionQuestion 41 ptsAccording to Herzberg’s two-factor theory, __________ factors are the sources of job satisfaction.inducement.motivator.teachable.hygiene.subsistence.Flag this QuestionQuestion 51 ptsIn the job characteristics model, __________ refers to the degree to which a job requires a variety of different activities to carry out the work, and involves the use of a number of different skills and talents of the individual.growth potential.autonomy.skill variety.task significance.task identity.Flag this QuestionQuestion 61 ptsWhich of the following is the correct order of Maslow’s needs from the lowest (lower-order need) to the highest (higher-order need)?physiological, social, safety, self-actualization, and esteem.physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization.social, esteem, self-actualization, physiological, and safety.esteem, safety, social, physiological, and self-actualization.safety, social, physiological, esteem, and self-actualization.Flag this QuestionQuestion 71 ptsAll of the following statements except one correctly describe hygiene factors in the two-factor theory. Which statement is NOT correct?hygiene factors are associated with the job context or work setting.hygiene factors are sources of job dissatisfaction.hygiene factors involve the work setting or the environment in which people work.improving hygiene factors will prevent people from being dissatisfied.improving hygiene factors will make people satisfied with their work.Flag this QuestionQuestion 81 ptsIn the context of motivation, persistence refers to __________.the length of time a person sticks with a given action.the amount of effort a person puts forth.an individual’s choice when presented with a number of possible alternatives.the different needs that an individual is trying to satisfy.the consequences of an individual’s behavior.Flag this QuestionQuestion 91 ptsAll of the following descriptions of Maslow’s needs hierarchy are correct EXCEPT:social needs tend to be dominant in more collectivist societies.the order of needs in the hierarchy may differ across cultures.the satisfaction of a need at one level will always decrease its importance and increase the importance of the next lower need.the five need levels may vary according to a person’s career stage, the size of the organization, or geographical location.research evidence suggests that the needs in Maslow’s hierarchy exist in a flexible rather than rigid order.Flag this QuestionQuestion 101 ptsIn the two-factor theory of motivation, __________ are associated with the job context, such as working conditions, interpersonal relations, organizational policies, and salary.existence factors.satisfier factors.hygiene factors.affiliation factors.relatedness factors.

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