CA405 / PS240

Question 1 CA408   Research Methods

Assignment “Questionnaires”

Research Methods


Write a 750 word essay on constructing and administrating a questionnaire and its practical application in descriptive research. Include your opinion, backed by scholarly articles, about the strengths and weaknesses of this kind of research. In your essay, provide a treatment of at least FOUR scholarly research articles on the topic you have selected.


· Use Times New Roman script with a font size of 12 for the entire document.

· The paper should be double-spaced.

· Margins should be at least one inch all around.


· At least FOUR scholarly sources are utilized. Information is synthesized throughout the essay.

· The literature review has a strong introduction, main body, and conclusion.


· APA style guidelines should be used, including proper in-text citations and a reference page.


· The literature review should be well written and error free. Use spell check and proofread your essay for grammatical errors.

· The essay should be written in a professional tone. Familiar language (slang) should be avoided.

· Use direct quotations sparingly (paraphrasing is encouraged) and make sure quotes are properly documented.

· Be as concise and clear as possible throughout your paper.

· Each sentence should logically flow into the next sentence and each paragraph should transition smoothly to the next paragraph.

Question 2: PS240 Fundamentals of Psychology (Week 6 only)

Research Paper Outline

Overview of Research Paper: Students will write a research paper throughout this term. The paper is divided into four separate assignments to assist students with this process. In Week 2, students will select a topic that connects to psychology and the legal system (Violence and aggression). Students will complete an annotated bibliography in Week 4 with at least five academic sources (sent in an attachment). In Week 6 includes a detailed outline of Violence and aggression (one or two pages). Lastly, in Week 8 students will submit the final draft of their research paper.

 Context/overview: Students will submit a detailed outline in APA format of your final. Students should present a detailed outline including the main points they want to expand on in each paragraph. After students complete this outline they should have an excellent start on their final paper.

 Resources to consult: Grantham Library journal articles, educational websites (.gov or .edu) and textbooks (for this class).

Specific questions or items to address:

· Submit your detailed outline for your final paper.

· Students should present a detailed outline, not a skeleton outline

· APA format with citations and sources

 Criteria: APA format with citations and sources

Question 3 

PS240 Fundamentals of Psychology : Week 6 assignment 2

Congruent and Incongruent Individuals

Write a 1-2 page essay that differentiates between the congruent, or fully functioning person, and the incongruent person who has either a highly unrealistic self-image and/or a mismatch between the self-image and the ideal self; and explain why being authentic is vital for healthy functioning. Proper APA formatting is a requirement for all essay assignments. Cite at least three educational sources (one source may include the course textbook) in the essay.

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