Qualitative Tools Make sure the qualitative article that you selected in Unit 1 will allow you to thoroughly address all of the points required for this discussion. Using the information from this week’s readings, complete the following: Identify and describe key concept in the research. Describe and evaluate the data collection method or methods. Was the data collection method appropriate to allow the researcher to answer the research question? Why or why not? Describe and evaluate the data analysis procedure or procedures. Was the data analysis procedure appropriate to allow the researcher to answer the research question? Explain the importance of appropriate data collection and data analyses procedures to scientific merit. List the persistent link for the article in your response. Refer to the Persistent Links and DOIs guide, linked in Resources, to learn how to locate this information in the library database. Cite all sources in APA style and provide an APA-formatted reference list at the end of your post. Please add on the persistent link before the references:!/search?bookMark=ePnHCXMwdV1Ni8IwEC2LB3fd_QsS8Bw0nfQj56J4EUR2zyG0CXqpov3_OK9pXRE8Z5KhYci8dF7efCU_DtzstuvfcDXJozS47MtcKoc2NqHB1QekTLNUEmmOx4hSMT79h6_KfDJq9R6_jcXh3NPoxakV7EBUSCNHVD3EOYjdwL-Te97y1l_FBrxkQNnvZNLydW6W_G3Wv9VWDk0GZE2UKZmqUBfsuVHESILRizel165JjV65Ivg8uIy_0nhNOtOOiHMkFZwVc8p1HVCwXsR1x6PcDlFws2xpwJQvITI6j1Y49y2Cp7u62lIJlWAi9OxaRYMxO9pLlJuwalTkftk-dHqPU0BBe_L6zv4OORpw1g

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