Capital Punishment Supreme United States Court Case Paper

This assignment shall take ANY U.S. Supreme Court case in U.S. history that we have discussed in class (or even one that we did not touch on). Your job is to research the background information of the case: What happened? Why was this an issue? What was the political climate at the time of its review by the Court? Who were the plaintiffs and defendants? What Constitutional issues were questioned? Was it a specific state or federal law that was being questioned?

After gathering this research and illustrating this in your paper, you will then describe (in your own words) why you picked this case. What was so intriguing or important to you about it? What drove you to select this case over others? Then, you will describe how important this case was (and possibly still is, inyour opinion) important to American government and/or politics and/or history.


The paper itself will be typed,MLA format, & Times New Roman 12 point font please. Other fonts, although they may be pretty and appealing to the eye, are not accepted at the academic level other than for advertisement/flyer purposes. This assignment is to help enhance your writing and research skills as you progress through college. The paper length will be no less than three (3) pages, to about five (5) pages. This does not mean title page, one page of content, and Works Cited. It should be three FULL pages of CONTENT. If you go over this, that is not an issue, by all means the more background and research (and the more you have to say) about the case, the better!

Due Date: Thursday April 18 by 11 pm

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