Capstone project final project: EBP project on the importance of bedside shift report

Question description

In this assignment, students will pull together the change proposal project components they have been working on throughout the course to create a proposal inclusive of sections for each content focus area in the course.

Students will develop a 1,250-1,500 word paper that includes the following information as it applies to the problem, issue, suggestion, initiative, or educational need profiled in the capstone change proposal: –each of these areas are on the Rubric, which means I will be looking for each piece to grade!

  1. Background (Introduction and Thesis Statement-as the author, what is your purpose for the paper, what are you planning to cover or address???)
  2. Problem statement—-this is not your PICOT ( you state that a little further down)
  3. Purpose of the change proposal- why do you think the change needs to happen based on the problem you identified.
  4. PICOT-the entire statement, not just a breakdown of each component!!—-If I do not get the actual PICOT statement, you will lose significant points!!
  5. Literature search strategy employed (GCU Library, CINAHL, PubMed, and such)
  6. Evaluation of the literature- remember that literature evaluation tool you filled out (use that data, but do NOT include that template in the paper!!)
  7. Applicable change or nursing theory utilized— make sure you provide an actual established theory you can cite from.
  8. Proposed implementation plan with outcome measures- what your plan to roll out your proposal?
  9. Identification of potential barriers to plan implementation, and a discussion of how these could be overcome
  10. Conclusion—Comprehensive conclusion for the entire paper! Not at the end of each section like you copied and pasted all of your papers together. This is supposed to be one paper that flows as one paper and not the pasted papers you have done since week 2. All it takes is some minor editing to fit all of your papers into one complete work!! Don’t think you have to start over and don’t overthink this paper, you have already pretty much written it, now turn it into one complete paper!
  11. Appendix section (if tables, graphs, surveys, educational materials, etc. are created) ANY TOOL YOU WOULD USE FOR IMPLEMENTATION OR EVALUATION YOU MUST INCLUDE IN THE APPENDIX. Do not describe what you would use, include the actual tool. This is where I see students lose the most points because they don’t attach any form of Appendix. Think about it this way, if you were ACTUALLY going to present, or implement and evaluate your proposal, what tools would you use to do that? And don’t say there are not any you would use, that will not meet any point expectation for this project.

Review the feedback from your instructor on all of the assignments you have submitted thus far. Use the feedback to make appropriate revisions to the portfolio (Capstone Paper) components before submitting (this is also on the Rubric, Evidence of Revision)

Remember this is your final paper and your pulling it all together, and you are not just copying and pasting each paper together, you are turning this into ONE paper that flows as one paper. You need one all inclusive Introduction, and one all inclusive Conclusion.

Prepare this assignment according to APA Style. An abstract is not required. My expectation is that APA format is not new and should be a non-issue for any of you at this point.

SPELL/GRAMMAR CHECK YOUR WORK BEFORE YOU SUBMIT-THERE ARE POINTS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS!! Also, if there are any errors on the paper that were not cleaned up before you submit, there are point deductions associated here too. This is the last paper you will do for your degree, make it look professional!!!

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin

**** I will upload my paper down below. Please use the information from that paper to help you work on the final project.

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