Case Questions

This is fromMHC Case StudyRead the “Strategic Planning at Multistate Health Corporation” case and answer the case questions on pages.Case Questions1.Describe MHC’s strategy in terms of market position. Also, identify the type of external environment MHC is operating in and the degree to which the strategy matches the environment.2.Identify the type of structure MHC currently uses in its primary businesses. Describe the fit between the structure and the competitive strategy. Describe any structural adjustments MHC should make to maximize the effectiveness of the strategy.3.Identify any areas where current management KSAs are not aligned with effective implementation of the competitive strategy.4.Describe how MHC should go about addressing the KSA deficiencies you have identified in the previous question. Your answer should be consistent with the mission and values of MHC.5.Assume that you are the HRD manager and the competitive strategy was given to you prior to its adoption. Using principles and concepts from the chapter, what recommendations would you give to the strategic planning team?56 576.Given the strategy, what tactical activities can the HR unit in general, and HRD specifically, develop to support the strategy (be sure to include the implementation of the HRIS)? Identify sources of support and sources of resistance to these tactical activities and point out any areas in which collaborating with the OD unit would be advisable.Exercises1.Conduct an analysis of HRD’s environment at the company you work for (if you’re going to school and don’t work, use the school’s environment). What are the opportunities and threats to HRD in that environment? What demands does the environment make on the HRD department?2.Form groups of three to five people, one of them having been provided with training by their employer within the last two years. Have this person explain the company’s mission to the rest of the group. Then have the person describe the type of training that was received. The group’s task is to determine the linkage between the training and the mission.3.Identify two organizations with different environments and core technologies. Describe these differences. Indicate how the HRD strategies of these companies might be similar or different. Provide a rationale for your conclusions using relevant concepts from the chapter.4.Examine the mission at the institution you are attending. Examine the one for your area of study (if it has one). Do the two relate? On the basis of the mission and objectives, do a SWOT analysis through interviews with administration or using your own expertise. What major changes are indicated? How will they affect the way courses will be taught? What training might be necessary to meet these changes?5.Identify (through personal knowledge or research) an organization that uses HRD as a part of its competitive strategy. What role does HRD play in that strategy, and how is HRD involved in implementing the strategy?Questions for Review1.What factors might inhibit HRD managers from developing a strategic planning approach to training? How might these factors be overcome?2.Think of possible strategic training alternatives other than those described in the text. Under what conditions would these be important in developing a training strategy?3.Why do training professionals need OD competencies, and why do OD professionals need trainer competencies?4.What is the relationship between competitive strategy, external environment, and internal strategies?

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