Chapter 10 Managing Human Resources And Labour Market Discussions

Chapter 10: Questions for Review/Analysis (Individual Assignment)

Questions for Review

  1. Why is the formal training of workers so important to most employers? Why don’t employers simply let people learn about their jobs as they perform them?
  2. What different forms of compensation do firms typically use to attract and keep productive workers?

Questions for Analysis

  1. What are your views on drug testing in the workplace? What would you do if your employer asked you to submit to a drug test?
  2. The UAW represents workers at Ford, GM, and Chrysler. However, the UAW has been much less successful in its attempts to unionize U.S. workers employed at Toyota, Nissan, and Honda plants in the United States. Why do you think this is so?
  3. What are the advantages and challenges of having a diverse workforce?
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