Chemistry 1411 My Math Lab HW

1.Assignment Chap 5: Global Warming and Energy ( only 2 problems)

2.Assignment 29 Chap 5: Enthalpies of Formation ( 4 problems)

3.Assignment 27 Chap 5: Calorimetry

4.Assignment 26 Chap 5: Specific Heat

5. Assignment 25 Chap 5: Energy, q, w, Enthalpy, and Stoichiometry

6.Assignment 21 Chap 4: Solution Stoichiometry

7. Assignment 24 Chap 10: Partial Pressures, Effusion , Diffusion

8.Assignment 23 Chap 10: Density, Molar Mass, and Stoichiometry

9. Assignment 22 Chap 10: Gas Laws

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