CIVL6603 Module 1 Contaminant Fate and Transport Aspects of Benzene Discuss

Use this journal to reflect on concepts you learned in Modules 1 and 2. Think how this material can be useful as you work on the Contaminant Characterization section of your term project. As you obtain information about your target contaminant’s physical, chemical, biological and toxicological properties (including possible adverse human health effects based on medical literature), try to relate properties these properties to contaminant behavior in the various environmental domains (air, water, soil).

In an approximately 250 word entry, respond to the following:

  1. What properties may play a key role in assessing a contaminant’s mobility in the three environmental domains (air, water, soil)?
  2. What properties may be of relevance in assessing a contaminant’s reactivity (transformational tendency) with various reactants(e.g. oxygen, water, sunlight etc.) present in the three environmental domains (atmosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere)? The presentations on “Environmental Media” could be particularly useful for this task.
  3. Depending on the contaminant’s physical/chemical nature, what may be the dominant mechanisms of intra- and inter-domain transport? The “Notes on Dominant Transport and Transformation Mechanisms” may be particularly useful here.

Attached within is my group members dicussion post that provides much of the leg work.

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