Class Discussion 2 – Two Replies.

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Class Discussion 2 – Two Replies.

Each Reply should consist of at least 100 words.

1, Jimmy Santiago is a person that has won all of my admiration.Angela Duckworth explains that grit is passion and perseverance for long term goals.Let me begin to recapitulate jimmy story. He started from being an abandoned child to being in detention centers.He made the wrong decisions and ended incarcerated. It says in the profile that his interest in poetry made him teach himself how to read and write, something that he had never took an interest before. After being introduced with a poet, he describes it as, ” I believe something in my brain or nervous system was impacted by poetry.” Instead of letting his current situation bring him down into depression, he used poetry to write about his experiences and escape his cruel reality. After he left prison he continued his new path and became a teacher to gang members. He attends workshops and identifies himself with most of this kids, which makes him very successful at helping them out to overcome their current situation.

In order for us as readers to understand how much of a big impact poetry had in jimmy’s life, it would have been wonderful to have more detailed events that happened during his incarceration. I understand that the sole thought of being in prison sounds devastating and cruel, but if the writer would have given us at least one crucial event that happened to him during the time he was in jail, we as readers would have a better understanding of the significant impact poetry had in this man’s life.

2, Heather Penny exhibits grit in the”F-16 Pilot” because she was ready and willing to do anything necessary to stop the hijacked plane, including flying hers through the plane to stop it. This exhibits grit because she knew of the dangers and risks but was still ready and solid in her decision to fly. That kind of motivation and perseverance shows grit because she did not even think twice about fulfilling her duties as a fighter pilot. She had the determination to take down the plane, so even after realizing she did not have the weaponry she needed to take down the plane without contact, she knew the only way to stop them was with her own plane. To risk ones live like that takes true courage and grit.

Jimmy Santiago exhibits grit in “Jimmy Santiago Baca: Poetry as Lifesaver” because he was not given a traditional life. He was not put in the best circumstances. And finally after being in prison, he was able to turn his life around. This is not always as easy as Jimmy Santiago makes it seem. But with the determination and willingness to reach his goal of learning to read and write he begins writing poetry, and eventually even having workshops. This story shows that not matter where you come from or get your start, there is always a better place to end up.

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