combine the 4 parts to one large paper

you will find on the attachment the 4 parts of the research paper I need you to combine them by following the instructions below Statement of the Problem

  • Introduce your topic or the problem that you are interested in studying.
  • Be sure to briefly discuss why you are interested in the topic you chose, and what you think the broader implications are for investigating this topic.
  • Be sure to include your research question or the “I am concerned with” statement.

Literature Review

  • Your literature review should have a natural narrative flow, meaning it should read like an academic discussion of the relevant literature on your topic. It should NOT read like an annotated bibliography.
  • Your literature review should have at least five sources, and these sources should be either peer-reviewed journal articles or books from an academic press.
  • You should use in-text citation and there should be a works-cited page for all sources you have used throughout the entire research proposal( not just for the sources used in the literature review).

Conceptualize/Research Hypothesis/Operationalization

  • You should have clear conceptual definitions for your key concepts/terms. Discuss what the terms you use mean to you and how they will be used in your study.
  • You should have a concise research hypothesis based on your conceptualization of your key terms.
  • Your operationalization should be a discussion about how you intend to measure or identify your key concepts in the real world.


  • You should have a discussion about the methodology you have chosen to use to investigate your research hypothesis. You should demonstrate that you understand what the methodology is, and it’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • You should include a discussion of your sampling approach, and a detailed discussion of your data collection procedures.
  • If you plan to conduct research involving human subjects, be sure to include a discussion of any ethical considerations.

Analysis and Discussion

  • You should discuss how you plan to analyze your collected data, and whether you plan to use qualitative or quantitative approaches. Discuss your coding approach (particularly if you are using a qualitative analysis).
  • For the discussion portion, be sure to include real potential venues or publications that could serve as platforms for you to present your research findings.
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