The health care sector is experiencing major changes due to extensive research and development activities. As nurses play a crucial role in the delivery of health care, they need to embrace new and innovative techniques to provide effective and best possible treatment to their patients. Several institutional and personal barriers can hinder nurses from adopting EBP (Wood, 2013).

The two potential barriers that can prevent continuation of my evidence based practice change proposal in the future is poor coordination among the clinical team and staff turnover. My project focuses on Coronary Artery Bypass Graft patients and working with these high-risk patients need the best coordination and team work from the whole clinical team including devising appropriate discharge planning. Poor communication between the clinical team members can affect the outcome. My strategy is to recommend three interventions: staff appreciation events, monthly review of the continued adherence to the changes made, and monitoring the staff compliance by the administration. These interventions can motivate the clinical team to continue to pursue the change proposal. The second barrier I assume is staff turnover. There is lot of staff turnover in our hospital. Floating nurses and agency nurses on contract can affect the continuation of my change project. My strategy is to promote ongoing training which is absolutely necessary. These training needs to be scheduled and to be listed in the calendar every week.

Hospital management can help to overcome these barriers. The nurses preferred to consult their supervisors and colleagues to obtain needed information. Hospital management can create a conducive environment and provide socializing opportunities for nurses to promote peer-to-peer information and knowledge sharing (Melnyk & Overholt, 2011).


Melnyk, B., & Overholt, E., (2011). Evidence-based practice in nursing & healthcare: A guide to best practice. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Wood., R., (2013). Progress and Barriers Toward Innovation in Clinical Nursing Education.

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