Communication and Its Effectiveness Paper

In a 5-7 page paper, analyze how the data you collected this semester helps us to understand some of the larger theoretical issues of interpersonal communication.

In this paper, you should provide an introduction that briefly restates the two field situations you previously analyzed and states your thesis – what group are you talking about, what communicative practices do they use, and why/to do what?

In the body of the paper, you should include your theoretical framework, that is, the course readings that you find most help you to interpret your data. Summarize the basic argument of the key theoretical concepts you will use. Cite at least three readings. The 3 readings are Five Principles by Richard Bauman, Swearing as a function of gender in the language of Midwest Americans by Thomas E Murray, Word up: Social slang in California youth culture

In your interpretation of data, you will need to analyze your transcripts in relation to the course readings you have selected. Does your data support or complicate the theoretical arguments found in the readings? How? Be sure to present enough of your own data (your evidence) so that a reader will be able to assess your argument. You can do this by using direct quotations from your transcript as evidence. Also, discuss similarities and differences in your data across the different conversations that you recorded. Don’t force your evidence to fit all of the facets of a theory in the book. Remember that some of the most interesting work happens when we push beyond previous theories to discover new things.

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