Community and Environmental Sustainability Paper

Answer question one and two other questions from this list. Points will be awarded for thoroughness,

clarity and good organization. Limit your answer to 3 to 3.5 double-spaced pages per question. To avoid

plagiarism, be sure to cite your sources properly throughout your essays. Copying and pasting the

instructor’s notes or the text book is not acceptable. In other words, you are strongly advised to express

yourself in your own words


Each question is worth 33.3%


1. Considering the various issues discussed in this class, how would you describe a sustainable

world? Second, discuss what in your view would be the three most important features or

characteristics of that world. Finally, suggest any three international policy tools or strategies

necessary to actualize your sustainability vision.

2. Post-revolutionary China represents a useful case study on the challenge of achieving a healthy

balance between population growth and economic development. Please, state whether you

agree or disagree with the above proposition and why. Second, discuss in detail the benefits and

drawbacks of China’s population policy. Finally, discuss in detail policy lessons developing

countries can learn from China’s population policy.

3. Describe the main cultural and economic factors shaping public demand for educational reform

in Europe and the United States. With particular reference to President Bush’s No Child Left

Behind policy, discuss recent efforts by US federal government to reform the public school

system. Finally, what are the controversial features of Bush’s education reform and why?

4. With reference to observable trends in any sub-region of the Global South, explain the difference

between educational access and educational achievement. In addition, discuss the three main

factors responsible for poor educational outcomes in the Global South.

5. Discuss in detail any three features of healthcare which, as discussed in class, are partly

responsible for market failure in that sector. Second, compare the main features of US and

Swedish healthcare policies. Finally, suggest which of the two models offers a more effective

solution to the problem of market failure in the healthcare sector. Be sure to provide thorough

justification of your choice.

6. According to class discussion, immigration policy across Europe has been poorly designed and

mismanaged, with unintended negative consequences. Do you agree or disagree with the above

proposition? With reference to relevant features, discuss some of the negative policy lessons

the United States can learn from European immigration policy. Finally, discuss some positive

policy lessons that Europeans can learn from American immigration policy.

Grading Rubric:

Quality of writing – 10 %

Organization – 10%

Thoroughness (adequate coverage of relevant themes/issues) -75%

Citation – 5%

NOTE: Citation of sources is absolutely required

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