compare and contrast essay

DIRECTIONS: We often have experiences which require making a choice. When this occurs, factors regarding that decision often include examining the similarities (comparison) and/or the differences (contrast). Select from the list below one topic to research background information. Remember to think of a reason for comparing and/or contrasting the items. Then follow the directions to complete the assignment. The suggested topics to compare and/or contrast are:

1. Media: Print/Electronic/Audio

2. Work/Jobs

3. Relationships

4. Transportation

5. Shopping: Online/Mall

6. Dating

7. Automobiles: Gasoline/Electric/Hybrid


* Conduct a Google search on the origin, history and other important facts about the selected topic.

* Develop a comparison and/or contrast outline that includes background information, other pertinent elements, or details.

* Write a 5 paragraph essay that compares and/or contrasts the items in the topic.

* Give the outline and 5 paragraph essay a title. Do not underline the title. Indent the first line of the paragraph.

* Double space the paragraph.

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