Contemporary Issue in Fluid Mechanics in Biomedical Engineering Assignment

-Please provide me with the issue you chose to write about before writing. Details are below.

-Use MLA format

-You will develop a two and a half to 3 pages over view of a contemporary issue in fluid mechanics. This could focus on a current research topic in fluids or a more applied topic, but either way, it must be a contemporary issue (work performed and/or published within the last 5 years) . Several examples would include: fluid mechanics in a microgravity environment, the skirts that we are now seeing on many semi’s for drag reduction, person that broke sound barrier while skydiving , bullets that are designed to be shot underwater, etc . Look for any current research topic in fluid mechanics or a topic that industry is pursing in the area of fluids (remember that fluids includes both gases and liquids) .

Traditional Approach

To find a topic of interest and that fits the project criteria, you would look at journal pu blications, conference proceedings, science articles, research web sites , etc . (could also be magazine article as long as it is technical in nature) to find a contemporary topic in fluid mechanics. Remember this can be basic research or more applied work.

Social Media Generation Approach

As an option to the more traditional approach, you can also look at Youtube f or inspiration. You can search Y outube that has a video that demonstrates a contemporary issue in fluid mechanics and develop your overview based on this video. For example, there is a video we have used from Y outube that describes a knife – proof vest that makes use of a shear – thickening non – Ne wtonian fluid. Non – Newtonian fluid understanding has been around for a long time, but applying this concept to a knife – proof vest is definitely contemporary.

 Either approach to a topic listed above is fine – your choice ; still needs to be contemporary – w ithin the last 5 years

 If you have a question on whether a topic is appropriate, please contact me.

 If you select a broad topic, your review has to FOCUS on the fluid mechanics aspect

 You are encouraged to include a figure, graph or image (or multiple) to help your overview; just make sure you reference these items.

 You need to include a References section at the end to document any references used to develop your article (journal paper, web page, magazine article, etc)

 Do not wait until the last minute on this assignment – it is 5% of your grade and no late projects will be accepted.

This will be on an 8.5×11 page, single space, Times New Roman, 12 pt, 1” margin. You likely will want to include a graph, photo or image in your document (or several) . You ha ve a 3 – page limit as the MAX which also includes any references . I recommend submitting as a pdf, but make sure to check the pdf file before submission. Make sure to list ALL references used to develop this summary. Note I will be using the “Turn – It – In” so ftware for submission. If you plagiarize your paper, you will get a zero on the project. If you don’t know what plagiarism is, please see me. Please use the following header for your paper.

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