Contingency Planning for Restaurant POS System Emergency Team PPT

Disaster has hit your hotel’s restaurant. You arrive in the morning to find your Restaurant POS System is not operating and management has no idea when the system will be restored. Yet you must carry on, without the use of technology.

Each group will submit a written contingency plan. Brief (no more than two pages) but to the point. At a minimum (refer to text page 300), it must:
1. Designate an emergency team
2. Identify detailed information about the system
3. Identify secure operational and back-up sites, and sources of substitute equipment
4. Procedures for data recovery and file capture, and implementing temporary non automated operations while the system remains inoperable

And a Powerpoint will include:
– Overview of the plan
– Skit to illustrate:

Customer’s expectations and reaction during a “down” time
Line employee responses to above
Procedures for line employees to follow
Management response during time system is down

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