Create a document in Word that is formatted as an annotated bibliography.

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Hi! I need a help with an assignments. My carrier of interest is CRNA Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. I’m in Bachelor’s program. The first assignments is due tomorrow, and the second is in one week.

Guidelines for assignments 1:

Create a document in Word that is formatted as an annotated bibliography. On the document, list four (4), varied sources you will use in your final career interest project. Be sure to provide the essential information for each source including author name(s), title of the source, and other details. Under the citation of each source, write an original paragraph of 3-5 sentences telling what is contained in the source (summarize when appropriate) and why the source could be relevant to your project.

Information about creating an annotated bibliography and what one looks like:

RememberSelect ONE citation method you want to use based on your academic degree program. Return to Lesson 4 if you need to see the list of disciplines and their corresponding citation styles. The majority of students will probably use APA, but MLA, but Chicago/Turabian may also be used.

The second assignment will be a Power Point on the same topic:


PROJECT GOAL: Create a multimedia presentation in which you will present information about a career-interest area or field of study interest. In addition, write a reflective paragraph about the product and process.

This presentation you create or a presentation your classmate creates may NOT be used in any other class at APUS or other institution.

For your presentation, include the following elements:

  • Select and use a presentation tool, such as PowerPoint, Prezi, or another choice discussed during the term.
  • For your content, choose a career interest that you might pursue after completing your degree program or a field of study interest that you might pursue within your degree program. If you have not selected a degree yet and do not know what career field you might pursue, review the degree programs listed on the AMU/APU website and select one that piques your interest for additional consideration. (How to Locate the Gainful Employment Information for Your Discipline)
    • Include a presentation title, your name as author, the date, and your course name/section number/session/year.
    • After the title page of your presentation, Introduce your topic on a new slide – summarize the project’s topic
    • On a separate slide, describe your field of study or career interest – explain how the project’s topic relates to your discipline or career interest
    • Provide cited facts about potential salary, work conditions, type of activities included, or other details you have selected, using four (4) or more varied sources.
    • Provide at least four (4) source citations and at least two (2) of the sources must be scholarly sources from the APUS library. Do not include generic web sources such as Wikipedia or
    • Include a Reference (Works Cited, Bibliography) page/slide at the end of your presentation.
    • In addition to an audio-narrated presentation, include at least two (2) more different media forms that enhance your presentation: images, graphics, animation, videos, or audio.
  • Write a 5-8 sentence paragraph reflecting on the finished product and overall process. Your paragraph is to be included in the presentation.
  • Include enough slides to fully develop your presentation.

You have been given a lot of leeway to determine what information is included in your presentation. What do you want your audience (classmates and instructor) to know about your chosen topic? Ultimately, what do YOU want to know and share with your audience?

Please let me know if you need more information from me.

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