Cuba Healthcare System Presentation

The final presentation must be 10 to 20 slides (not including title or reference slide). The presentation should include a cover slide and a thesis that lays out the main idea about your selected country’s healthcare system. Make sure your presentation also has a recommendation. The points should be supported by research from at least five different scholarly and valid sources.

Presentation must use in-text citations with references cited in APA format in a Reference slide at the end.

10 to 20 slides research and presents the healthcare system of the chose country, demonstrating knowledge of the country, its current healthcare system, and the challenges and issues it faces.

Presentation includes all required elements; suggestions for revisions and corrections from faculty member have been implemented for a final unified, polished product.

Research from at least five resources is listed in References page with any needed adjustments in APA format.

Corrections, improvements have been made as needed in standard mechanics for writing, grammar, punctuation, and spelling

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