Data Mining and Its Concepts Questions and Ghost Map Analysis

I. Why Data mining?

Question 1

What type of data could be collected

How could this data benefit the business

Question 2

What type of activity might indicate fraudulent use of a credit card

Sometimes the location of where a credit card is used suspicious. Why?

Question 3

How might the business segment its customers

How could customer segmentation benefit your current or previous employer

II. What is Data Mining?

Refer to this link:

Read the article “What is Data Mining?” Then using Microsoft Word, answer the following questions. Be sure to include the question as part of your answer document.

  1. The article discussed Customer Insights and Disney. How could Customer Insights be used on a cruise ship?
  2. b. Data veracity is crucial in data mining. Imagine a team of workers survey shoppers at large stores and malls about their shopping habits. How could a lack of data veracity result?
  3. c. K-Nearest Neighbor is a great data mining technique. How do you think Amazon uses K-Nearest Neighbor?

III. Ghost Map Analysis (doc attached)

An overview of the book “Ghost Map” was assigned in week #1 as reading material. The document concluded with a copy of the original map John Snow drew for his 1854 analysis of the Broad Street pump in London. The red circle indicates the location of the pump.

  1. Study the map and notice the black squares and black rectangles. Write a one paragraph analysis of Snow’s map. What did he demonstrate with his primitive data mining?
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