Desert Exile By Yoshiko Uchida Book Summary Writing Help

The last assignment:

Read Desert Exile by Yoshiko Uchida. Write a one paragraph summary of the main events of the book.

Then, answer these questions in complete sentences:

Why did the U.S. government put all the Japanese-Americans into camps?

How did this affect Uchida’s view of life?

What fallacies were in the U.S. government’s argument to justify interning the Japanese-Americans.

Incorporate the one paragraph summary and the answers to these questions into an argument essay in which you express a clear opinion and support it with claims and warrants. Cite the page numbers from the book. Do not use any sources that are not in the book, or our own personal experiences and observations.

this time revise requirement:

For this assignment, you will read another student’s essay and give constructive suggestions on how they might revise it. You will then incorporate those suggestions as well as those from the instructor, and your own self-evaluation, into a revised essay.

Here are the steps:

Post your Desert Exile essay (Assignment 11) from last week in Discussions.

Then, read one other student’s essay and give 5 concrete suggestions in complete sentences about how they can improve the essay.

Read the student’s suggestions in Discussions, and revise your essay, and then submit it here.

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