Designing Team: People, Task, and Processes

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Discussion 1.1: Designing Team: People, Task, and Processes


The roots of practical and efficient project management are simple. It makes it easier for many interested parties to understand. The success of this project can be evaluated for the benefits provided by interested parties. In many cases, the project fails to clear the project’s vague need. Initially, all relevant shareholders clearly understand the requirements of the project and understand the importance of the clear scope of the project. Depending on the need for a high-level project, you can see the Project Chart, Project Scope.

Planning schedule, risks, resources

Team Selection:

After defining the project protocol and project scope, we should identify project managers and project plans. Project Manager, Project Planner and team member who specializes in the field of project, half war victories. Project Managers and Project Plans Define the breakdown structure and find a high level of production, which is equally important to identify the skills that work in those distributions. Then, based on these recognized skills, the Project Manager will select the resources assigned to the project and assign the work to them.

Project Schedule:

Project planning stage requires a well-defined project charter and project scope. Based on this Project Manager, you can work on key delivery materials, WBS, Milestone Project Schedule. To understand the scope of the project, the resource is available, then you can find detailed schedule scheduling details of the minute level project schedule: i.e., work, milestones, sub-tasks, allocations, and each of these resources will inform us of questions, questions and questions to clarify and clarify.

Planning for Project Risks:

Project Risk Management is an integral part of Project Management. If your projects are not vital, whether it is unknown or not, the risk is an important part of their projects. If you save many surprises, It is important to estimate that the Project Management Plan has potentially been at risk from the outset. Team members about the dangers of the project know and need to provide an online platform like registering, where team members and other interested parties can register and expose the risk of the project quickly.

Now, almost everything is ready on paper, it’s time to jump for a project team and start working on minute level tasks. As mentioned above, each team member must inform the supplier, the customer and know about their apparent estimates.


Personally, I think some groups and teams are connected but not the sense of identity of others. I have identified with the team and if the team I represent believe me, I feel the internal link with the team. By the team’s recognition, I will link to a team when I feel that the team will protect me, and the team members reflect the legitimacy of equity and equity. If I feel that I cannot represent teams and groups, my attachment is still very low. This is because when groups and groups represent the fairness, and belief, the attachment will automatically disappear. Most co-operative team members are focused on the process, not the person; The good reasons and respect for the team is everyone’s respect. And the commitment to the team’s decisions and strategies is entirely committed to the team. Due to team mates, friendly team environment, loyalty and co-operation of the group, decision making is largely due to morality in support groups. Successful trading strategies are usually made by an effective team of team solidarity. Additional team teams are more committed to targets and activities when the team is successful and plays some important role, and then self-esteem increases, which increases performance.

Discussion 1.2: Designing Team: People, Task, and Processes

Building the team with a scope to understand the work distribution and task allocation with a proper team functioning which leads to the success. Firstly, tasks should be designed and distributed based on the skills with a good promoting skills whether the topic is understandable and make sure every team member able to understand and capable of doing the work. Also whether the team got good knowledge on the particular work which should be mentioned for team goals for the individual competition within the team for best output. Lastly, they should have proper interaction and communication with a good coordination.

Below are some important key factors for completing the project are following

Team should always assume and implement in a higher level as maximum they can because all team should understanding the importance of his or her activity and how it impacts the adequacy of others and the general collaboration. Again and again, individuals are solicited to deal with part from work without being told how their part adds to the coveted final product, considerably less how their endeavors are affecting the capacity of others to do their work. As this collaborates to higher understanding and quality betterment.

Team also should have same goals for proper task on their individual task this leads to team improvement and also effectively team works with a good result.

All teams should be working on one line this collaborates the team will reject small issues and also scope of learning and good communication develops in all teams.

Team Identity

As coming to team identity there are many dimensions of team whether to become strong or weak which is a crucial part for team work. Everyone should be given their own priority with a proper addressing in team and Discrimination is the one point among the team identity to raise the work issue. Every individual should be given priority. Here we give sometimes with specifications of particular team where the team might be not collaborated among the teams with each individual and ones thought process and their way of doing the work which are some factors in teams. Specifically, need to mention with some teams the reason is to get good outcomes and team collaboration in a unit for the assigned work with higher values of a team.

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