Develop a Proposal for a New Employee Onboarding Program

Due Saturday, August 4, 2018.10-15 pages – See attachment of InstructionsYour proposal must include the following elements (not necessarily in this order; feel free to organize your proposal in a way that makes sense to you):A cover memo from you (the manager  of training) to your boss (the director of human resources) that clearly      states the problem and describes why an onboarding program for new  consultants will address the problem.An overview of the program,  including the objective(s), length, and location of the program.Description of:o the elements of the program, the content to be covered, and the training methods to be used.o the length of time (hours, days, weeks, months) for each segment of the program.o specific methods to ensure transfer of learning (see Week 4 materials).o the person or group responsible for each segment of the program.o your plan for evaluating the program, including the specific outcomes to be measured and methods for measuring them (see Week 6 materials).o estimated costs associated with developing and implementing the program, such costs for materials, guest speakers, facilities, etc.A properly formatted reference  list. Please use APA format for all citations, quotations, and references.You may include a table or chart that provides a visual overview your proposed program. Put such supplemental materials inclearly labeled appendixesfollowing your reference list (tables and charts do not count toward the page length requirement). Support your recommendations about program, including content, length, and methods, with citations from your research about best practices in onboarding programs.

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