Difference Between Communication and Miscommunication Research Paper

The research paper must be 12-15 pages, typed, double-spaced, plus a works cited page, MLA documentation style. Prior to submitting the final draft, you are required to submit the research materials as outlined on the score record sheet on the appropriate due dates. The research paper must demonstrate your ability to evaluate and incorporate research material into your own writing, as well as demonstrate critical thinking about the topic.

I need to use 10 sources (4 periodicals, 3 books(1e-book),1 internet source, 1 interview that I conducted, 1 optional) mixing with the research paper! I already have it sources and I got some notes from the 10 sources and I am attaching to you to use with the research paper. I am also sending the Outline but if you think is more convenient to change the Outline I will probably be fine with that.

Feel free to reach me anytime by here or phone +1(310)760-6914.

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