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For this Portfolio Project you will write a paper about your job as a Director of Health Information Management.

As the Director of Health Information Management at Anywhere Hospital, your job will include a variety of different roles. In a well-written 8- to 12-pages paper supported by the readings from the text, Modules 1–8, and at least two additional scholarly sources, provide a detailed description of your different roles. Your paper should include at least the answers to the following items:

  1. Staff members at Anywhere Hospital are often called upon to speak at career days held at local high schools. For each speaking engagement, the staff member is required to provide a handout describing the career for students to review. You will be scheduled to speak at one of these career days next month. What topics would you include in your presentation?  What would you include in the brochure that addresses educational requirements and career opportunities of a health information management professional?
  2. Because of increased awareness of instances of identity theft in your local community, you have resolved to minimize the potential for identity theft occurring in your facility. Identify the measures you can employ to prevent identity theft and discuss how you would respond to a reported occurrence of identity theft.
  3. As part of its new employee orientation, the hospital asks each department director to describe to the new employees the services offered by that department and the responsibilities of managers and staff. You have been asked to include as part of your description an explanation of diagnosis-related groups. Describe what you would include in your explanation.
  4. Many HIM professionals have certifications for quality, risk, and utilization in addition to their HIA/RHIT. You are invited to give HIM students an introduction to certifications. You want to include the following

    A) Title of certification/credential
    B) Eligibility requirements
    C) Testing procedure

  5. You are asked to sit on a committee to develop part of the electronic health record at a long-term care facility. Members of the team include a nursing administrator, the chief information officer, an information technology specialist, and yourself, the director of HIM. Judging from your past experiences with IT, there seems to be a problem with miscommunication. What would you do to improve the communication with IT?
  6. In addition to the roles you already have, you are asked to take on the additional role of controller. Describe what added responsibilities you will have and how this new role will fit with your current responsibilities.

Again, your paper should be 8- to 12-pages long and should be supported by the readings from Modules 1-8 and at least two additional scholarly sources. The CSU-Global Library is a great place to find these sources!  Ensure your paper adheres to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

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