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Discussion Board #13


480,000 Americans die each year from smoking related causes. Tobacco use accounts for 1 out of 5 adult deaths in our country. With this supporting data, do you feel there should be more government regulation on smoking in our state or country? (i.e.: like tax increase and public smoking restrictions) Or has the government done enough already? What do you think?




That’s a tough one. There are a lot of places that have smoke free areas in apartments or in public places. I think that helps a lot because the opportunity isn’t there for the smokers. Although, there is always a place to go and smoke. But it would be uncomfortable to just light up in those areas, and some still do. I know as a former smoker that in public places where there is no smoking it would make me not want to smoke, because none else is smoking and I wouldn’t have the urge. Also as a former smoker, I used to always say that I would stop buying cigarettes if the cost went up. The state heavily taxed a few years ago, each pack being close to $10 and I still bought them, so the tax did not help me whatsoever.


STUDENT B – Mallory M

With these statistics, I feel that there needs to be more implemented to drastically decrease the number of deaths caused by smoking. I feel that the most important regulation needs to be limiting public smoking restrictions because not only is the person smoking getting the smoke in their lungs, but other people around may breathe it in and get second hand smoke, which takes 10 years for your lungs to fully heal from. Smoking is more and more popular with teens now and when they start at that young of an age, their health by the time they are an adult will be terrible. A higher tax on cigarettes would also be a great idea because if people already have a hard time paying for them, they may realize that they can no longer afford it and possibly stop.

My Grandpa died two years ago because he smoked most of his life and he got to the point that he weighed less than 100 lbs, had oxygen, and could barely walk from being so weak and house ridden. If there were more regulations put in place when he was younger and smoking heavily, maybe he could still be here since he was only in his seventies.



Thank You.

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