Discussion Board

Choose a topic below and have a discussion about it. Cite specific examples from your professional experience, information from the text(s), current research in addition to course texts, and scripture to support your position as it relates to your Christian worldview.

Discussion Board Options:

  1. In terms of your professional experience, discuss the six elements that Sheninger suggests drives change. As a leader in educational technology, how could you apply this information to drive change in your district? What role, if any, does data play in driving change?
  2. Describe the relationship between constructivism and the Breaking Ranks Framework. Think about your school. As a leader in educational technology for your district, what recommendations would you make to school leaders based on the core areas of Breaking Ranks? Provide a rationale for each suggested change.
  3. Develop a communication / public relations plan for your school or school district. Incorporate social media along with more traditional venues for communicating school / district news. Why is it important to use multiple platforms to communicate with school stakeholders? Include the pros and cons of each component of your communication / public relations plan.
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