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Dissemination is an important step in any program success. Dissemination of information is a necessary in order to educate, explain or promote a concept, process or principle. Dissemination of project has several benefits: (1) to increase the reach of evidence; (2) to increase people’s motivation to use and apply evidence; and (3) to increase people’s ability to use and apply evidence. “Information is often disseminated in order for a group of individuals to share knowledge and routes of communication. Information is disseminated in the hope that individuals and entities in an organization will improve their knowledge base and subsequently make better judgements in future situations. Sometimes information is disseminated solely in the hope it will cause some feedback that might require further information to be generated or be used to validate something.” (DWTDI Project, n.d.)

Internal Method to Disseminate Result: Technologically advanced means of communication have become more widely used throughout health care. E-mail is an important method to disseminate information. E-mail has replaced numerous verbal communications. E-mails have also altered the reach of communications, with mass audiences within hospitals reached easily via group messages. Author will send E-mail about her project to all hospital floor managers, supervisors and hospital administration. In this E-mail author will explain about importance and benefits about proposed evidence based project, how it improve hospital acquired pressure ulcer and will definitely reduce significant cost of treatment. Then author will request for appointment so that author can explain more in detail about project via power point presentation. After implementation proposed evidence based project, it equally important to discuss result with everyone because feedback is necessary for further improvement and more successful launched project in other health care facilities.

External Method to Disseminate Result: Author will disseminate research information in clinical nursing journal. In this way important information can reach to target audition in better way. Dissemination of result through clinical nursing journal aim to spread knowledge and the associated evidence-based interventions on a wide scale within or across geographic locations, practice settings, or social or other networks of end-users such as patients and health care providers. Dissemination and the evaluation of the dissemination strategies utilization can provide a better understanding of the barriers to dissemination and lead to greater utilization of the most effective dissemination strategies in future research projects.

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