Divisiveness and Polarization in the US Government


1-Q-The United State of America become more divided and polarized over the past two years using your knowledge of the rules and responsibilities of the constitution government explain wither or not there has been cooption with the legislator and judiciary branch by the executive branch to bring about this divisiveness and polarization?

#Note about this question, the past two years the prisdent has become so powerful he coopete/ bought legislator congress he bought the court and he using the court to divid the country. In other words congress is not doing what suppose to do in terms of making laws that is necessary. Write more about this using your own words. Use Muslims band like an example court say yes to give president the power to do so.

-Follow what the essay should contains:

1-Introducation, thises what u going to talk about.


-Definitions of key concepts

-issues at hand/ that is raised by the question

-most important is a balanced thesis statment, despite / although / while…

Essay body that is organized in multiple sections and the section are separated by clear transitions.

Point – first a statement, then explantion of that statement and last an illustration/ example.


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