Dream Career Field and Impact of Technology Essay


Think about your dream career and the impact of technology on your field. Use the following format for your paper:

1) What is your dream career? And why? – 5 points (one paragraph)

2) How could advances in technology likely make the job “better”? – 5 points (one paragraph)

3) How could technology negatively impact your enjoyment of the work? – 5 points (one paragraph)

4) Discuss how this dream career would allow you to live a life of integrity with four guiding values. Use the same four values you identified in your Values Paper earlier in the semester. – 12 points (one paragraph per value – 3 points each)

Work Requirements – consideration of writing quality and direction following. – 3 points


my values: Values

  • Respect for privacy: recognizing each person’s right to personal property, attitudes, and beliefs. I consider this value as a right for me. No one has a right to know everything about me. I have a limit with everyone in my life which is my life’s privacy. Because if anyone try to get to that limit, that’s mean he/she does not respect my privacy, and I will avoid him/her and complete my life without them. I have a right to be peaceful enjoyment without being harassed by others. I think everyone needs their own personal space even in public.
  • Peace: means positiveness to me. I remember me two years ago, I was worrying about everything in my life such as my future and family. I was thinking about negative things. I tried step by step to change my way of thinking by watching videos about how to think positively and tried to make plans for everything I worried about. And that did work. Now, I am trying to give advices to people who think negatively because I think if you think positively, you will find your own peace.
  • Truth: means honest, fair, and trust. This is the most important value to me because if people around me are being honest with me, I can live with them without being afraid. My mother raised me to be honest and she always says to me “Honesty is the best policy”. Being honest and saying the truth is the best way to treat people, and it’s how they going to treat you as well
  • Freedom of speech: means the right to express feelings, Ideas and opinions without restraint or fair. It is a powerful thing. It makes me confidence and strong person. Freedom of speech is not only about your ability to express your opinions or feelings, but the ability to listen to others.
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